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About : Cast 4 Aluminium Pvt. Ltd.

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Cast 4 Aluminium Pvt Ltd, A die Casting Company was established in 2011in Five Star Industrial Area, MIDC Shendra, Near DMIC, Aurangabad (MS), India. We produce aluminium pressure die casting & machined components for OEM's, Export & after market customers with different chemical composition alloys (for e.g. ADC 12, ADC 6, LM 6, ALSI 132 & Special Alloys etc.) as per the customers' requirements. A Die Casting Company uses a process in which molten aluminium is injected with a die casting machine underforce using considerable pressure into a steel die casting mold or die casting die to produce aluminum die casting parts.

Adopting world-class technology, we have several Aluminium HPD die casting machines, with locking forces ranging between 140 tones right through to 550 tones. All of our machines are fully automated with real time control & also with the advantages including flexible process control setting, advanced no-flash

technology, reducing bubbles defect effectively and improving product repeatability. Real time control series ensures producing high precision and high quality die cast parts.

Our entire range of die casting products strictly conforms to the IATF I 6949 : 2016 quality standard. Furthermore, we continuously work on making new innovation in our all products to fulfill the enhanced demands of the customers. Since inception, our company has been following ethical business practices and competitive price policy that has helped us to increase our client base in global market.

The company provides precision CNC & VMC machining for prototyping and production. We specialize in precision CNC & VMC machining for automobile industries to provide a one-step solution to our customers. We also process special purpose drilling &tapping, shot blasting & sub-assemblies.

Furthermore Cast 4 Aluminium Pvt Ltd also caters other necessary finishing process such as POWDER COATING / PLATTING & SUB-ASSEMBLY to shape the product as per customer requirement to give a complete finished product. We have been providing complete die casting solutions on the premise that customers would be best served by a single supplier who could be responsible for all aspects of a project from design to delivery.

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Our Strength

Precision Aluminium castings.

Aluminium alloys development.

Design for manufacturability and early design support.

CAD compatibility for web-based communication and fully interactive manufacturing

Precision Aluminium castings.

Complete part solution—casting, machining, and finishing—all under one roof.

Advanced, proprietary control system.

Dendrite control and measurement capabilities.

Commitment to quality and exceeding customer expectations.

In-house tool building.

Rapid turnaround times.

Serving customers all around the India.


To improve the quality and meaningfulness of our customer’s professional and personal life. Along with the lives of our team members, suppliers, shareholders and communities through precision die casting, machining and assembly worldwide.


"We believe that Quality is not a matter of mere accident, we have to make it happen."