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Quality Control And Testing

Quality Control And Testing

At Cast 4 Aluminium, we pride ourselves on being specialists in the die casting process. Both Cast 4 Aluminium and our supply partners have ISO 9001:2008 accreditation. Our goal is to provide high quality into the part and, with strict die casting process controls as well as stringent inspection methods, uphold the highest standard of quality throughout the lifetime of the product.

We understand cost reduction through the removal of unnecessary processes and cut delivery schedules. Furthermore, our manufacturing processes are carried out with cautious consideration of the environment and in compliance with social requirements and standards.

C4APL: Employee Engagement

Quality culture & Daily work management.

Daily work management meeting.

Daily discussion on customer concern & supply issues.

Enhancement of skills of workmen by providing classroom & on job training.

Quality Casting.

PDC equipped with all necessary equipment's such as separate Melting Furnace

Spectro Meter

Vacuum test unit

Density index meter

Nitrogen degassing

Auto Die Coat Mixing unit

ETP & more for quality casting

PDC machines equipped with Auto ladle,

Sprayer & extractor for consistent quality Castings

Adopting world-class technology

we have several Aluminium HPD Die Casting machines, with locking forces ranging between 180 tones right through to 350 tones. All of our machines are fully automated with the advantages including flexible process control setting, advanced no-flash technology and improving product repeatability. For deal with us please have an enquiry